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Express Packers Movers Bangalore offers a full range of packing and moving services for Local, Intercity and International Relocations,  storage and warehousing services for Short term and long term storage of Household and Commercial goods, Office moving, Corporate Relocations and Car and 2-wheeler transportation. Whether you are moving house or office, moving abroad moving within the Bangalore or any other city, Express Packers & Movers Bangalore as a moving company, can offer you safe, professional and specialized packing and moving services ensuring your move will be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

With 25+ years of packing moving services and continuously rated No. 1 moving company in Bangalore,Express packers movers has the resources and the professionalism to facilitate move of any size and distance. We offer our removal and storage services nationwide, and with more than 40 offices in the India, if you are looking for removal companies we can guarantee a moving service wherever you are and wherever you wish to move.

Our goal is to make every customer a customer for life. Our relation with our customers begin with fair, transparent and ethical behavior. We appreciate the trust that is placed in our hands every day with each move we handle. We always put our customers' interests first, and make dependability our hallmark. 

Our people people are professional, courteous, and highly trained. We treat our employees with respect and compassion and expect that they will extend the same courtesy to our customers. We encourage them to be open minded of customer expectations and suggestions and provide them with a service that is at par with the faith put on them by the customer.

Our people are continuously trained to upgrade their skills with latest and best techniques and procedures to ensure careful packing, handling and protection of your most precious household goods. Our relocation expert team is comprised of packing crew who are experts in packing furniture, electronic goods, glassware and other sensitive household goods. The experienced truck operators are trained in furniture handling techniques and safe driving practices. A dedicated move coordinator will assist you all through the moving process, keeping you updated at each point of the move.

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Customized Services

Packing, Loading, Transportation, Unloading, Unpacking, Refixing

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Reasonable Pricing

Service based customized pricing, all explained and no hidden charges.

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Flexible Work Schedule

Weekends, Bank Holidays, Late evening or Early morning.. We work as per your convenience.

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About Express Packers & Movers

Express packers and movers was founded in 1996 by a group of young professionals with years of experience on their side and the goal of establishing a quality and service driven company in a nascent industry where lot of customers were being harassed by fly by night transporters who were just making the hay in the shining days. Over the years we have established a reputation for service that is second to none. We maintain a commitment to hire the very best, employing the best practices and using high quality material to provide exceptional service in terms of safety, efficiency and dependability.

Our goal is to make every customer a customer for life. Our relation with our customers begin with fair, transparent and ethical behavior. We appreciate the trust that is placed in our hands every day with each move we handle. We always put our customers' interests first, and make dependability our hallmark.

Packers Movers Bangalore - Services

Express Packers & Movers Bangalore provides professional, Safe and Customized packing & moving services for Local, Intercity & International relocation services. Express has experience and expertise in providing stress-free, honest and safe moving services, Long term and short term storage and warehousing solutions for Household goods and commercial material, local distribution network, Car and vehicle transportation, office relocation and corporate employee relocation program, events and exhibitions, IT equipment and Computer systems packing and moving services, Refrigerated containers, Export and Import of commercial goods including IT material.If you’re looking for movers near me in BANGALORE, look no further.

Express packers and movers Bangalore provides residential and commercial moving services in Bangalore and other major cities across India. Our service comes with a personal touch unlike any other you’ve enjoyed before. We avoid a blanket approach because we understand each customer’s needs are unique, and go out of our way to put a smile on your face amidst the chaos associated with a move. Your search for packers movers companies near me in Bangalore ends here.

Moving House
Experts in Local & Intercity packing & moving services. Safe, Professional, Honest.
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International Moves
Whether moving to US, UK, Australia, Dubai or anywhere else. Trust us to Deliver.
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Corporate Moves
Office Moving, Corporate Employee Relocations, Computer & IT equipment.
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Car Transportation
Safe Car and Bike Transportation Service through special Containers.
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Storage Services
Long Term & Short Term Storage & Warehousing. 24/7 security, Fumigated.
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Transportation of Commercial Goods, Refrigerated Vans & Containers, Trailers.
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How does the relocation process work

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Free Pre-move  Survey & Quotation
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Packing, Loading, Transportation
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Documentation & Insurance
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Delivery & Destination Services
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Video Survey to Ease the Moving process

Express packers movers is continuously refining and re-aligning its processes to ensure integrating newest technology and tools to ease the moving process for its customers. With our customer centered approach and continuous training program's for our staff, we have been able to integrate video survey options and contact less moving process for our relocation customers . Video survey allows the customer to save time and get a contact less quote with the same assurance and reliability as in-house physical survey of Household goods or Offices. Video surveys also give the customer a flexibility of time and us to give you the absolute final quote. Video surveys are the easiest and most convenient way to give you a quote. Why? Because it can happen at your convenient time, without you having to miss a day at work. It can be done with any smartphone or tablet. It is suitable and easier for many customers. How is the video survey of Household goods done? Don't worry. A video surveyor will be with you and guide you during the entire process.

Often the video survey of Household goods is desired and helpful when our move coordinators  are unavailable for the physical survey of goods or the moving has to be done at a very short notice, maybe same day or within a short period and there are a lot of items and furniture to be moved. The biggest benefit of it is that a professional can see the number of things that need to be moved and can give you an estimated price without any unpleasant surprises.

Do u require safe Packers movers in Bangalore

Express Packers and movers is rated No. 1 Packers and Movers Company in Bangalore and amongst the Top 10 movers packers companies in India. We offer professional, safe and Cheap movers packers services. Looking for reputed and trusted packers movers companies in Bangalore? Express packers movers Bangalore is rated best moving company in Bangalore by leading relocation publications and Industry associations. And why? The answer is honesty and transparency culture of our employees which flow from top to bottom of hierarchy. Each move is special for us, be it couple of boxes or a completer house movement or a corporate office move.

Express Movers Advantage:
- Fast and Reliable services.Highly cost-efficient and value for money services.
- By Air, Sea, Rail transport expertise.
- Best packing solutions using ISO grade packing material.
- Experienced and ethical staff to ensure honesty and transparency.
- Safe, Secure transportation and moving services. No Damages, No Losses, No arguments.

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Packers Movers Bangalore - Testimonials

What Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do you need Packers and Movers?

It is definitely possible and cost effective for a customer to pack and transport his goods, by himself and with some help from friends or hired labor. But, services provided by packers and movers helps you to save a lot of time and effort and ensures safety of goods.

  • Time: Since packers and movers do relocation jobs day in and day out, they exactly know how to go about the job without wasting time. The packers and movers Bangalore  labour who help to pack, unpack y, load and unload items in an efficient and professional manner saving a lot of your time. Corporate too benefit from this service as they save a lot of billable hours and don't need constant supervision.
  • Effort: Experienced Packing & Moving labour minimise the efforts to a great extent and help simplify the process.
  • Cost: While DIY packing and moving may cost less in terms of monetary expenses but may prove more expensive considering time, effort, accountibility and safety of goods.
  • Co-ordination: The packing and moving process requires coordination with multiple entities including packing material vendors, transporter, local authorities, labor etc. Relocation companies can take all the responsibilities and helps us to concentrate on other important things.
  • Safety: Experience talks. Though we take all the efforts to pack our items neatly and properly they should be transported carefully. Packers and movers have efficient , trained and experienced staff who take care right from packing to loading, unloading , transporting and unpacking your items with utmost care.
What is the average shifting charges in Bangalore?

Professional Express packers movers Bangalore provides affordable, reasonably priced and professional relocation services in Bangalore. As as a professional packing and shifting company,  they come equipped what exactly what is required for your move. The cost for the packers and movers service in Bangalore is based on volume and quantity of goods to be move and packing material required for packing. For a 1RK i.e a one room kitchen, having minimum quantity furniture, the cost of packing and moving is only between Rs.3,000 to Rs. 5,500. For a  1BHK, packers and movers in Bangalore prices are still minimal between Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000. A 2BHK has bulky heavy furniture like Double Cots, Sofa, Wardrobes etc, electronics and electrical goods so the prices  with packers and movers in Bangalore will cost you anywhere between Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 12,000. The cost for shifting a  3BHKs within Bengaluru  is between Rs. 9500 to Rs.16,000.

How are packing moving charges calculated?
Packing and Moving Household Goods involves lot of things including packing, handling and transportation .These services come at a cost and they make a different to the relocation charges.
  1. The number of items in your house -The number of goods in your house makes a huge difference to the cost. A minimalist 3 BHK may cost less than a heavily furnished 2 BHK house.
  2. Volume of Goods - A higher volume and bulkier items mean bigger vehicle, more packing material and more labor which higher cost.
  3. The Pickup and Destination floor and accessibility - If you live on the ground floor and need to move to a house that is also on the ground floor, then you will not have to pay much extra. But, if you live on the 3rd floor and are moving to a house on the 7th floor, and the buildings don’t allow you to use the elevator to move furniture, then your cost is going to increase. This rise in cost is because the packers and movers will require to send more people to help you shift, and it will take them much longer.
  4. Transit Insurance of Goods - While Transit insurance isn't mandatory, but highly desirable. The packers movers companies in Bangalore take adequate care of household goods while transport but there are certain natural or unavoidable transit risk which should be covered by insuring the goods. This way if there is any damage or loss, you will be compensated for it.

How to find good Packers Movers in Bangalore?
Relocation services have grown very rapidly in India and so have packers and movers companies. The relocation industry is still at a nascent stage and without any credible industry benchmarks it's difficult for a customer to find value for money moving companies by comparing Apples to Apples. However, there are some important things to things to research while deciding a packers and movers company:
  1. Relocation Charges
    • Compare - Compare the charges from different relocation companies.
    • Lower Cost - Lower cost doesn't always mean most cost effective solutions, you may want more 'value for money'.  Discuss and understand the services provided by each company and cost.
    • Written estimate or quotation - Always ask for written quotation from the moving company with all the terms and condition mentioned to avoid any disagreements later.
  2. Company Credentials
    • Documentation - Check the documents of the logistics company in Bangalore to confirm the companies authencity and credential. These maybe their GST no, Trade licence, Labour Certificate etc
    • Physical Survey and personal meeting - Demand an physical survey of goods by the moving company and meet the moving companies executive in person to discuss all aspects of the move.
    • Branches - Choose a relocation and shifting company that has a branch at the destination location. This ensures the delivery and destination services is done effectively.
    • Review -Check out the Local shifting in Bangalore companies reviews. These reviews should be able to give you a fair idea about company customer satisfaction index.
    • Reference - One of the more credible ways to shortlist a moving company is based on reference from one of your friends / relatives / colleagues who may have used packers movers services in Bangalore earlier.
  • Cost vs Services - That's one of the most important thing for hiring a moving company for your requirements, comparing cost and services provided.
  • Hidden costs - Have all the charges in writing and discuss them before finalizing, surely those which quote considerably less than others.
  • Insurance - Confirm the authenticity of the insurance provided and the terms and conditions therein. Many a times the insurance covers have too many conditions leaving you with no choice in case of damages.
  • Inventory list - Ensure that the Moving companies makes a inventory list on having a physical survey and shares a copy of that list with you. Check the list once again and confirm that every items that has to be moved is listed.
Why Choose Professional Express Packers Movers?

What are reasons for a customer to choose Professional Express Packers and Movers

There are many reasons that make us one the most preferred packers movers company for Individuals and Corporate customers. Honesty, Professionalism and competitive pricing are some. We improve on ourselves everyday and work relentlessly to prove ourselves and make sure the next day we have one more answer as to why the customer should choose us. Professional Express packers and movers Bangalore have been one of the first packers and movers company in India and have been market leaders since operations in Indian market with our professional and trained staff, state of art facilities, Innovative and Personalized Services and technology driven process, reasonable and competitive pricing and fluidic customer-centric approach.  Our professional moving services are available almost all major Indian cities including Bangalore / Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Hosur, Tumkur, Mysore etc.  Our services include safe Packing of Household and Office Goods, warehousing services, car transportation services, office movers, office relocations, computer moving services.

Professional Express Packers and Movers is No. 1 Packers movers company for many years -

  • Because, its a professionally managed relocation company in Bangalore with 22 offices in India and partners in 1500 locations worldwide in 125 countries to provide seem-less relocation and moving services to its varied clients, anytime & anywhere. We are part of major Relocation Associations and groups worldwide yet knows the local culture and customer demands like back of our palm.

  • Because, we have a customer friendly flexible process and work culture to facilitate you next move with Care and efficiency. Professional Express Packers &  Movers is ready to take job of any size and respond efficiently and effectively to situation that may arise to provide you total mental peace.

  • Because, We are a relocation company where your trust and faith is foundation of our existence and we take care of your belongings as much as you do, treats every item with care and attention it deserves.

  • Because, We are honest with our customers and believe in power of informed choices. We ensure realistic and explained quotes which are fully explained (with no '*')  and no surprise Invoices. With Professional Express Movers, you will never see unreasonable, unexplained excess charges. We value your trust more than the financial consideration. Our quotes are self explainatery, we ensure that to explain the minutest details even when you don't know it thereby eliminating any surprises.

Do Packers Movers provide Transit Insurance?
Transportation by any means vunerable has risk, both natural and human error and most of these risks are beyond control. To cover the damages or losses due to transit risks and human errors, Packers Movers Bangalore provides Insurance Coverage for Household and commercial goods. There are 2 kinds of Insurance coverage which provide different level of coverage - Transit Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance. Transit Insurance covers damages during Transportation only if the vehicle transporting the goods has an accident during transportation. Comprehensive insurance covers damages / loss / breakages from packing to delivery covering end-to-end moving process. 
When is the best time to schedule your move?

Relocation charges vary throughout the month due to multiple reasons depending on the demand of moving services during the month. Your scheduled moving date will decide if you get a good moving company for a reasonable price or have to settle for mediocre movers packers. Weekends, i.e., Fridays to Sundays turn out to be expensive for relocation as most Bangalore packers and movers charges are sky high due to huge demand for house shifting within Bangalore or to other cities.

The scenario is similar during the beginning and of the month, especially from 25th of a month to 5th of the next month are almost mandatory for people to relocate homes due to end of lease and rental agreements making the shifting charges shoot up.

The most ideal times for moving are on Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and during Middle of the month (6th to 25th of every month) as you can save immensely in terms of time and money. It will also be easier to find trusted Bangalore movers packers companies when there is less demand for shifting. Moreover, these reliable moving service providers will be able to give their complete focus on providing good quality services at affordable costs.

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